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Believed importance - conduct brought about by intrinsic motivation is considered very important to an individual to the extent that he feels it should become part of his nature.Malays - Muslims must practice a disciplined life observing the moral and ethical teachings of the Koran and the Hadis.Genetic manipulation should be used to check the deformity of babies at birth.Psychoanalysis and genetic reports consider that each personality trait can be traced to infancy but has been argued and disagreed by many psychologist saying that the operative motive in a baby or a small child is not the same as an adult.

Population increase - rapid demographic growth of world population.A.D is used in dates in the non-muslim world to indicate the number of years or centuries that have passed since the birth of Jesus.

Sexual discrimination and race discrimination - refer to page 175-176.Before 1976, education was the exclusive responsibility of the states.

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher says that our moral ability, called personality virtues or morally good habits, is built through training and repeated practice.Many of us were not aware of the depth of the distributional- -and moral- -divide in this country.

It also aims at strengthening the marriage between a man and a woman.Matured - we inherit from family, peers, culture or religion.

A type of right may clash with another type of right, or a kind of freedom may clash with another type of freedom.Moral education can be given better by parents at by the very boys who stand most in need of moral instruction.B. Suicide - Most religion considers suicide as a great sin, but some religions and societies regard certain suicides as brave and honourable deeds.Factors 1 - 4 are used to measure the value of pleasure or suffering.Refer to the text book from pages 72 to 96 on these religions.The bombing of Hiroshima, for example, was aimed at ending the world war which had caused untold suffering.

Some supports it as a way of enforcing justice and preventing crime, some oppose as it is inhumane, unjust and unnecessary.Buddhists - are advised not to be extreme in life i.e. not to unnecessarily torture themselves and not to be controlled by desire.The Renaissance or rebirth of the Greco- Roman era, a period in time in which all aspects of the humanities flourished.For some people, euthanasia is considered proper if the patient of the action is dying in great pain.

You get access to all the essays and can view as many of them as you like for as little.However these culture is condemned in Islamic and Christian cultures.

Importance of moral education in school essay

Moral performance - to conduct oneself that is morally correct.An individual has to know what he can and cannot do and whether a certain action is right or wrong or a certain behaviour is good or bad.Constant at all times and in all places and in almost all norms of society.View Moral Education Research Papers on for free.Yet he can do much by the power of personal example, and by creating in the minds of his pupils admiration for the great English writers, who in prose or verse give expression to the highest moral thoughts.The Rio World Summit, 1992 (Brazil) - How to save the world - Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion, Ozone layer, global warming, extreme rainfall, extreme sunlight, dumping waste in water.

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