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Social penetration theory is a process that uses the methodological approach of linear model of individual developmental process and prefers long term continual progression.The entire determining activity for a decisive act of reward and cost gets established through personal characteristics of participants, outcomes of exchange and situational context.There is the participation of mutual reinforcements within the exchange relations.Under tangible and intangible situations, these actions are enhanced through exchanges and rewards and costs benefit activities.Free essay on Social Exchange Theory available totally free at, the largest free essay community.In spite of some of the apprehensive speculations, this theory also stands rigid to the process of exploring human psychological set up.It is very important to evaluate the need for social penetration theory in practical fields.The basic formulations will be definitely get determined from noneconomic structure to an advanced macroeconomic formulations.It is the methodological approach of social theory of penetration that can offer some perspective views by generating personal information of some people.

There are innumerable instances when this reference of linear structure falls to meet the determined positions of managing human relationships.On a different mode the exchange transactions can be analyzed under the perspective of being reciprocal.

Mutual understanding and determined nature for dealing with different kinds of families is a very critical activity.Social penetration theory depends of total modes of continuous communication between the parties.However, variations too are integral part of the entire system.He was very clear about the limitations that the theory will show in managing practical applications.Summary Relating the social exchange theory to increasing divorce rates Researchers have pointed out that divorce rates are increasing all over the world.This theoretical formulation seems to fail in generalizing any rigid condition of human psychology.

It is thus very necessary to concentrate over the management of bodily movements and to have synchronized mode of communication.Theory of Change TECHNICAL PAPERS. Theory of Change is both process and product: the process of working out the theory, mainly in group.This theory considers the means of forming relationships, that too on the basis of wider scale of estimations.

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It the pressure of the mentioned elements that makes a person feel that he should avoid the theoretical structure of this kind.Though the practical persuasion of this theory depends a lot in the economical establishment of managing socio-cultural relations, yet there are diversified points of views for evaluating these infrastructural dimensions.Implementation of social penetration theory and social exchange theory in global periphery can well establish adequate hold over political and social peace and security.The process is generated for long term and stable kind of social relations between diversified communities and parties within a society.For a developed status of human relationships, this theory is an intimate mode of revealing inner entities of the participants.

The participation of sociologists and social psychologists are thus indispensable for the determination of these respective features.

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This misleads the contemporary structure of the society and the individual too gets wrongly identified.Social penetration theory can provide information to understand people from different walks of society, but a t the same time cannot provide rigid and determined results.

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Though in some instances the theory does to prefer to opt for exchanges, yet in many stages it offers grounds to make appropriate choices.

It can be well concluded that the participation of these theories will definitely promote self realization in every individual and thereby will inspire the community and the society for the establishment of peace and security.

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The purposive actors and marketing institution related to these exchanged dealings are interdependent over the programs that are adopted for the transactions.The purpose of this theory is to generate transparency in a person and to make him aware of the hurdles that might come in his way, or might get created by him in social context.The paper demonstrates how the theory can be applied to a ver.

As the communications between these representatives are analyzed, it has been found that to discover an individual it s important to have stages of communications and interpretations.In terms of considering the fundamental premises of an individual, it becomes necessary to understand the things that he demands and thereby, one can formulize the perspectives of costs and rewards to achieve the determined goal.On the other hand social exchange theory is competitive enough to provide practical grounds for these modifications.

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The most complicated persuasion has been undermined through the bond of marriage.For him the theory in general adopts the basic human behavioral assumptions.

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The process of observations led through these proceedings adds the essence of depenetration through very gradual withdrawal (Griffin, 1997, pp.146-147). This theoretical aspect is very important as it manages all kinds of relationships for personal performances.As we manage to understand some basic feature of an individual and can adopt to understand his personal view points, we get hold of managing the same information in comprehending different people with the common features.As declared by Journad, people in general are reluctant to reveal their inner intentions.

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As these theories start supporting each other, the limitations in both the theories can be met well.

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The ultimate goals of these theories are meant for the management of human psychology and to make human being belief the demands and the importance of comprehending the characteristic features of others.

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Both the theories generate themselves in determining some of the very fundamental aspects of creating space for progressive initiations in the society.In the process of evaluation specific importance has been led over the basic structure of these theories.The realized succeeding layers get revealed in a very systematic way. it is the mode that gets initiated through basic information and leads to self disclosing realizations.In a marriage, the couple gets in to a linear structure, but the complexities remains in case of the families that are involved in the marriage.They are much repulsive in making adequate declarations about their in depth point of views.On the other hand, the basic process for promoting exchanged ideological contents in social exchange theory depends on the means of wider perspectives of managing individual thoughts and communicative progressions.

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